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number 149: dec 2011-feb 2012




editorial The sad death of Sleeve Design  
home ground news and views from S Yorks and beyond
features   Patrick Rose reflects on the place of Young People on the folk scene  
Clare Button on songs that last  
Obituary: Brian Peters says farewell to Ray Fisher  
Lady Maisery in discussion with Jerry Simon  
live reviews   Roy Bailey's Birthday Bash  
Wizz Jones  
Bellamy: Kipling With The Tradition—Various Artists  
cd reviews   Martin Simpson: Purpose + Grace  
The Albion Band: Fighting Room  
Damien Barber & Mike Wilson: The Old Songs  
Various Artists: The Inner Octave  
Chris Ricketts: Port Of Escape  
Dr Strangely Strange: Heavy Petting & Other Proclivities  
Zoox: Ups And Downs  
Sevara: Tortadur  
Bryony Griffith & Will Hampson: Lady Diamond  
Sid & Henry Kipper: Two-Faced  
Sid Kipper: Gutless  
Hedy West: Ballads And Songs From The Appalachians  
Fiona Cuthill & Stevie Lawrence: A Cruel Kindness 
Harp And A Monkey  
  Chris Ricketts: Port Of Escape


Iarla O Lionard: Foxlight


Moore, Moss & Rutter


Blueflint: Maudy Tree


Circus Envy: Secrets


Jason McNiff: April Cruel


Queensbury Rules: Six Towns


Bag Of Rats: Ever After Nothing


The Grey Picker: Eight And Forty


Scuppered: Are They Human?


Barbara Dymock: Hilbert's Hotel


Mick Ryan & Others: The Pauper's Path


Kimber's Men: Singing Up A Storm
book reviews not this time
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sessions   regional session guide  
clubs & concerts   live music and where to find it


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