OKAY, WE ADMIT IT... At present, the Stirrings archive is in a pretty disshevelled state. We're miles behind in bringing it up to the shimmering, interactive Aladdin's Cave of ancient glories that is our ultimate goal. The Stirrings Web Weasels have had too much on their plates of late to really crack on with it—but, we promise, things will change! What is now a wasteland of dead links will be transformed before your very eyes into the kind of resource scholars will flock to access...eventually. We've tried setting ourselves deadlines, but stuff keeps getting in the way. One day, one day... Meanwhile, check this page out from time to time. Sooner or later, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Stirrings has been publishing since the mid 1970s, but it's only for the last fifeen years or so that we have archive material in electronic form. Even so, that tots up to more than sixty issues packed with news, features, interviews, comment and questionable jokes. This page will therefore be an ongoing project, to be added to whenever the Web Weasels can claw the time from their normal duties. (Hollow laughter)

As a foretaste of the Smaug's hoard of delights we'll be bringing you over the months and years to come, here below is the song from which Stirrings takes its name, first published in issue 89 (September–November 1996). It was one of an occasional series of South Yorkshire Songs. Below that, you can have a peek at the front covers some of our back issues, and sometimes a rough and ready guide to what was in them. In the fulness of time we'll be reprinting material from all of these issues and more. Pictures too! Keep checking this page every so often and see what we've fished out of the oubliettes of Stirrings' cobwebby past.

The Stirrings In Sheffield On Saturday Night

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