Other folk-flavoured magazines, periodicals, sites of special folkloristic interest, and anybody whom we owe a favour or who has delivered the customary bribe. All these links will open in new windows.



Stirrings on Facebook   Yes, we're on Facebook too—guaranteed no pictures of pussycats unless with melodeons
Tykes News   Yorkshire's other folk magazine
Thank Goodness It's Folk   Sam Hindley's weekly folk music programme on Sheffield Live!
Yorkshire Folk Arts   Information sources for the folk arts in Yorkshire and Humberside
fROOTS   Britain's numero uno folk mag
Mudcat discussion forum   Rants, theories, tantrums, civilised debate...
The Full English   Vast resource of English folksong recordings, images and texts
Soundpost   Workshops, courses, conferences on the British traditions
Yorkshire Garland   Ever-expanding online archive of traditional song in Yorkshire
The Village Music Project   English social dance music from the 17th century onwards
Hallamshire Traditions   Research, recordings, design, development... Paul & Liz Davenport do it all
Farne   That's...Folk Archive Resource North East
English Broadside Ballad Archive   Courtesy of the University of California
Acoustic Rotherham   Guide to live acoustic music in South Yorks
Sounds   Archive of British traditional music recordings at the British Library
Child Ballad Index   The Child Ballads—they're all here
Musical Traditions   Online magazine of traditional music worldwide
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