Stirrings is readily available from assorted folk venues in the Stirrings Zone, as well as a few shops. But if you'd prefer receiving your copy via liveried menial without having to step outside your door, why not take out a subscription? Every new issue will land on your doormat on the day of publication. Our annual subscription rate is £13.00 for four issues, including postage and packing. That's UK rate: overseas rates are somewhat higher; get in touch with us and we'll give you a price. We normally send via airmail unless otherwise requested.

Cheques or postal orders (made out to Stirrings) should be sent to:
Stirrings Subscriptions
11 Ratcliffe Road
S11 8YA

0114 2661158

Bank transfers are also a good way of getting the money to us. Contact us for the relevant details.

Please include your name and address (and an email address would also be handy), and indicate the issue from which you would like your subscription to start.

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